Top 5 Tips for Logo Designers

My Top 5 Tips for creating a Successful Logo Design!


Hey guys, its Derrick. I’ve been getting asked very often how to create great logo designs and what makes a them great and successful. In this video I will be going over the basics of what a logo design is, plus the three main types of a logo design.

In short a logo design is basically a symbol, mark or icon that represents a company, business, brand or team in its most simplistic form. Logo designs can be used in a multitude of ways from business cards, to billboards in Time Square!

Afterwards I will be touching on 5 awesome tips to make your identity design more successful for your clients and even your own brand! To quickly go over them…

  • Logo designs must be Simple
  • Your work should be Scalable 
  • They should be Appropriate
  • They must be Unique
  • They have to be Timeless

In the video I will be going more into detail of the three main types of logo designs, and 5 tips to make sure your next logo design is a success! So it doesn’t matter if your a beginner or a seasoned designer brushing up on the basics, this video is for you 🙂

I hope you all enjoy the content! For any questions you may have about finding Logo Designers, creating logo designs, or adobe illustrator feel free to reach out in the comment section of the video on youtube!