What is a Logo and the 3 types of logo designs

What is a logo design?

A logo design is basically the face of a company or business! It is a Mark or Symbol that will be used to visually identity your company. Logo designs can be used for your advertising material, email signature, Twitter Avatar and even the little Favicon at the top of a webpage for you website! For a few examples of logo designs, think about Twitter’s little Bird, or even Google’s wordmark on their search engine!

3 Different Types of Logo’s

Wordmarks and Logotypes: A wordmark is a text-only logo. It is a representation of your company in a Typographic form. For logotypes think about Coca-Cola, or FedEx!

Icons and symbols: These are simple icons, symbols or marks used to convey literal or even abstract message or representation of a company. For a few examples check out the Mercedes or Pepsi logos!
Combination Marks: Lastly we have Combination logos. It is a logo design that is a combination of both a wordmark and the symbol, icon or illustration to signify your brand. These are mainly integrated into one stand alone design. A great example of this would be the Starbucks badge that includes the Siren Character and the companies name. For another representation check out the Burger King logo the next time your out!

Further Variations.

These will generally fall underneath one or two of the categories above however we have broken them down even further for a deeper understanding and explanation.

Pictorial Logos: Pictorial logos are generally a picture or illustration of what will represent the company. They can range from Icons and Symbols to shields and characters. They can be direct representations like Targets logo, or even Indirect like the Starbucks logo which features a Siren Character!

Abstract Logos: These are usually abstract types of icons in the form of a logo design. A few examples of these would be the famous Nike Swoosh logo, or the Adidas Three stripes logo!


We’ve gone over that logo designs are basically the face or your business. And the different types of logos ranging from Icons and wordmarks, to a combination of both!
We hope this answers your questions, and thanks for following along!
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